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The Yum System is a mechanic on One Hour One Life that encourages players to eat a variety of unique Foods. Eating a chain of new or unique foods provides substantial extra bonus caloric value.

It was added in Version 111 (June 2018) to address the prevalence of "mono" diets in the player base.


Yum Bonus[]

The Yum Bonus is an extra hidden Food Meter that stores bonus food value. It is indicated by a (+number) beside the regular Food Meter.

If a Yum Bonus is active, the regular Food Meter will not decline. The Yum Bonus must decline entirely before the regular Food Meter starts to drop.

As a result, the Yum Bonus is equivalent to having an extended Food Meter. For example, a Food Meter at 17/20 with a +10 Yum Bonus is equivalent to having 27/20 food.

Yum Multiplier[]

The Yum Multiplier is a number that reflects the amount of bonus food that you will get when eating the next tasty food.

Each time a tasty ("yum") food is eaten, the Yum Multiplier is incremented and added to the current Yum Bonus. This behavior can stack, allowing the Yum Bonus to reach extraordinary values.

Tasty Foods[]

In the Yum System, foods are "Yum" or "Meh" depending on whether a player has eaten them in the current Yum Chain. Holding a food item will show whether a food is "tasty" or not on the user interface.

Foods that a player has already eaten in their current Yum Chain are always "Meh".

Foods that a player has not eaten in their current Yum Chain are always "Yum".


The following example is taken from screenshots of a well-known OHOL screencaster on Youtube, Twisted, during one of his typical videos.

To achieve a 9x Yum Multiplier, Twisted has eaten: Bowl of Gooseberries, Gooseberry, Cactus Fruit, Banana, Carrot, Wild Onion, Burdock Root, Turkey Slice on Plate, Cooked Mutton Pie, and Wild Carrot.

In the following screenshot, Twisted has waited for his Yum Bonus and Food Meter to decay, and then picked up a Bowl of Stew (food value: 14 pips). The Tasty Indicator shows that it is "Yum".

Food Meter with Yum Indicator.png

Eating the Bowl of Stew increments the Yum Multiplier to 10x, adds +10 to the Yum Bonus, and restores 14 pips (original value of Bowl of Stew) to the Food Meter.

Food Meter.png

As time passes, the Yum Bonus decays while the Food Meter remains constant.

Food Meter with Decayed Yum.png

In the course of one lifetime, Twisted gains a net total Yum Bonus of +115 by habitually utilizing this strategy. In contrast, his actual food consumption was 240 pips, meaning Twisted was able to eat 32% less food.

Current Meta[]

As of July 2019, the following meta is accepted in the OHOL community:

  • Avoid repetitively eating only one type of food, if alternatives are easily available.
  • Certain foods are efficient only when eaten with a high Yum Multiplier.


  • v.249 - You can no longer force-break someone's Yum chain by feeding them (getting fed by someone else only helps, but never hurts, your YUM chain).