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A wool hat is a piece of clothing worn on the head. Combining with another wool hat will create Toque Blanche. Or it can be dyed red or blue. Wool hat decays into Rag Hat after 5 hours.


Fleece Products:
Using Knitting Needles on yarn will
get different items:

Use knitting needles on a big ball of yarn (made from 4 fleece).


To dye, you dip the wool clothes in Simmering Dye Mordant to make them "dye ready", then dip them in either Simmering Rose Madder Dye or Simmering Indigo Dye. Dyeing extends the decay timer. A Red Wool Hat can be turned into a Santa Hat by adding fleece.

Note: A dyed wool hat can not be turned into a Toque Blanche.