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Wooden Door

A Wooden Door is a building material used as a passageway into rooms. It is made by adding a rope to a Big Stack of Boards (2 boards). It can be installed by using on East-West Wall Stakes or North-South Wall Stakes. It can be removed by using Steel Adze.

It can be locked using a Lock and Key, which will place the lock and return the Key. The door can then be unlocked using a key of the same type as the lock used. Closing a door with a lock will automatically lock it. So try not to get locked in a room without a key. The Lock can be removed by using a Lock Removal Key of the same type as the lock used.

Springy Wooden Door[]

Springy Wooden Door

A Springy Wooden Door is made by adding a Steel Spring to an installed Wooden Door. If a Springy Wooden Door is left open for more than 3 seconds, it will automatically close itself. The Spring can be removed from the door, which will also remove it's special properties and turn it back into a Wooden Door. A Springy Wooden Door can't be locked.


  • v.152 - Held-objects now trigger bare-hand transitions if no other transition applies. This means you can now open a door when your hands are full.
    • v.156 - (including while holding a baby)
  • v.213 - Springy Wooden Doors added.