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A Wooden Box is a storage tool made by combining rope with boards. It is an impassible structure that can store up to 4 large items, including a basket full of items. Boxes can be moved by adding a Long Straight Shaft, which turns it into a Wooden Sledge. The shaft can then be removed again by using an adze. A box is also used to make a Crude Car.

Wooden Chest[edit | edit source]

Boxes can also be upgraded into a Wooden Chest by adding Boards. The lid can be opened or closed.

The chest can be locked by using Lock and Key , which will place the lock and return Key. The chest can then be unlocked using a key of the same type as the lock used. Closing a chest with a lock will automatically lock it. So try not to lock the key in the chest which it unlocks. The lock can be removed by using a Lock Removal Key of the same type as the lock used.

History[edit | edit source]

  • v.36 - Wooden Box added, and can be upgraded to Sledge.
  • v.91 - Wooden Chests added, with the capability to be locked.
  • v.150 - Unlocked chests and boxes can be chopped with a Steel Axe to get Kindling.
  • v.182 - Box used to make Crude Car.
  • v.207 - Can no longer destroy Wooden Boxes and Wooden Chest into kindling, but can remove the lid of a chest using an adze. Can also disassemble a Sledge using an adze. Which means you can move boxes as a sledge, then turn back into a box. You can still prevent a chest from being moved by using a Lock and Key.