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Wolves are predator animals found roaming the badlands individually or in multiples. An attacking wolf will result in a Bite Wound, which if not treated (with sterile wool pad and needle and thread) will result in death. They can be shot using a bow and arrow and skinned (with knife or Flint Chip) for wolf skin. A Skinless Wolf will disappear after ~1 hour. Note: The arrows must be removed before skinning.

Unlike other animals, wolves do not instantly die when shot by an arrow; instead, they will bleed to death, and are still able to attack in this state. They are a predator of humans; though they do not chase their prey, their erratic movement makes them difficult to hunt. Shot Wolf begins to move at double speed.

Wolf Skin[]

Wolf Skin.jpg

Wolf Skin can be sewn into a wolf hat using Needle and Thread, or used to craft Wolf Crown by placing on a Crown Blank and hitting with a Smithing Hammer.


Wolves can be domesticated into dogs by feeding Raw Mutton. The fed wolf will become a pregnant Semi-tame Wolf and produce two dog puppies and one wolf puppy. Once the puppies are taken away, the wolf will become an Old Semi-tame Wolf which is no longer deadly, and will eventually die. A wolf puppy fed with Bowl of Carnitas will grow up to become a semi-tame wolf and can be skinned as usual. Be careful, as semi-tame wolves are still deadly until they grow old.