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Wild Gooseberry Bush is a type of wild plant found in grasslands from which gooseberries can be picked. A wild gooseberry bush regenerates 1 berry every 10 minutes. It’s a good starting food source, but you should eventually start farming.

It can be removed by emptying the bush of berries, then using stakes to get Staked Gooseberry Bush, then watering, and promptly using a shovel to get Dug Gooseberry Bush with Stakes.

Wild Gooseberry Bush Stages.png


  • It is common practice to leave the last berry on a wild bush as a courtesy for the next player who may be in desperate need of food.
  • The opposite is true for domestic berries which take 8 minutes to respawn all at once- and only after adding soil and water to an empty bush, in which case it is better to take the last berry in order to replace the berries sooner.

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