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Wild Boar

Wild Boar are animals found in the swamps which can be domesticated into a Pig. Boars are aggressive, and when encountered will result in a Hog Cut which if not treated promptly (with sterile wool pad and needle and thread) will result in death. Wild Boar can be shot and killed with a Bow and Arrow (only one arrow is required), and butchered using a knife to get Raw Pork and bones

Domestic Boar[]

If a Wild Boar with Piglet is hunted, the piglet can be picked up and fed (with Bowl with Corn Kernels) to grow up into a domestic boar (after 30 seconds), if not fed, it will die. Soon after it grows, the domestic boar will generate domesticated piglets, which when fed will turn into a Domestic Pig.


  • Be careful, as domestic boars are still deadly. They can be shot with bow and arrow and butchered with a knife as usual.
  • Dead Wild Piglet disappears after 5 minutes.