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White Pine Tree with NeedlesWhite Pine Tree

A White pine tree is a tree found mainly in the snow biome, from which you can harvest Pine Needles. Like all trees, pines can be chopped using a steel axe to get firewood, butt log and stump. A Pine Tree Cutting can be taken with shears, and planted in a Deep Tilled Row (or the cutting will decay after 10 minutes). Pine Trees can also be decorated into a Yule Tree

Pine Needles[]

Pine Needles.jpg

Pine needles are a building material which can harvested from a Pine Tree only if it has needles at its base. The pine needles will regenerate after 1 hour. They are used to make pine panels. Pine needles will decay after an hour, or can be thrown away in a Small Trash Pit.

Yule Tree[]


To make a garland, use Needle and Thread on popcorn, then add a gooseberry. Alternate between popcorn and gooseberry and finish on popcorn, until you have a total of 4 popcorn and 3 gooseberries, completing the garland. 4 complete garlands are required to place on a White Pine Tree.

Candle Set[]

Use a Bowl of Palm Oil on a Snow Bank, then use another Clay Bowl on the Fractionated palm oil to get wax and Palm Olein. Add the bowl of wax to Hot Coals to get Molten wax, which can be used for 2 minutes before turning into Ashes with Bowl.

Dip a thread into the Molten Palm Wax to start a candle. Wait 10 seconds then dip again. Wait another 10 seconds, and dip one last time to finish the candle. If the hot candle is dipped before the wax cools at any stage, it will return to the thinnest stage and you will have to start over. To maximize efficiency, try crafting multiple candles at a time.

Combine two candles to start a Candle Set. 13 Candles (in a future update this may be fixed to 12 to match yule tree image) are required to place on the pine.


Add 4 garlands to a White Pine Tree, and a set of 13 candles. Light with a Firebrand to get a completed Yule Tree. After 2 minutes, the candles will run out and can the tree can be cut down again. After 1 hour, the spent tree will gain a Male Cardinal, then after a further 30 minutes, a second cardinal.


  • v.184 - a pine tree can be decorated into a Yule Tree.