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Weapons are tools which can be used to kill animals, or wound or kill other players. Killing another player will result in a Murder Grave.

A Bow and Arrow is obtained by combining Yew Bow with an arrow. It can be used to kill certain animals, and shooting at another player will give an Arrow Wound. It is also possible to shoot a note written on Blank Paper by combining the note and an arrow. Some animals require more than one arrow to kill.

A Knife is a tool made by smithing, which can be used to kill certain animals, as well as perform various functions in cooking, Medical Treatment, and other crafting. Using on another player will give a Knife Wound.

A Snowball is obtained from a Snow Bank, and can be used to stun other players, making them unable to pickup items for 10 seconds and drop whatever they are carrying. If a player is hit by enough snowballs in quick succession, they will die with Cause of Death as "Killed by Snowball".