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Bowl of Water

Water is a vital part of One Hour One Life, used in farming, cooking, smithing, and crafting various objects.


Small Unit[]

Bowl of WaterFull Water Pouch

These can only be harvested using Clay Bowl or Water Pouch:

  • Canada Goose Pond - Naturally spawning
  • Pond - the result of emptying or overfilling the water, or killing the Goose at a Canada Goose Pond.
  • Shallow Well - upgraded from a natural spring using 10 round stones and a shovel.g
  • Bucket - used in turn to harvest water from bigger water sources.

Large Unit[]

Full Bucket of Water

These can only be harvested using Buckets:

Salt Water[]

Salt water is obtained from an Ice Hole found in the tundra biome, which can be harvested infinitely by using a Bowl, Bucket or Water Pouch. gives salt water which can be taken infinitely with bucket, bowl or Water Pouch. Water can be transferred into and out of a bucket using a bowl or water pouch. Salt water can also be returned to the ice hole, even a from partially filled bucket. Fresh water cannot be emptied into a bucket of salt water, and vice versa.

Salt water cannot be used to water crops, but is used in cooking Sauerkraut. Boiling a bowl of salt water on hot coals will create dried salt.


The amount of water taken from a source depends on a Chance To Use. Returning water to these sources incurs the same chance to put back. Meaning for example that taking water from a full pond then returning it may not return it to its full state. The last use of a water source has 100% chance to use. This means that returning water to a dry water source will always add water. Cisterns, Newcomen Pump, Kerosene Newcomen Pump and Diesel Water Pump have a fixed amount of contained water.

Some sources of water will naturally regenerate over time. The regen rate uses the same chance to use, meaning that natural water regeneration is variable over time. Adding or taking water will reset the regeneration timer. Water can be emptied into a cistern, to allow space for more water to regenerate.

Water Source Image # Uses % Chance
to use
Time to
1 use
Bowls of
per hour
Canada Goose Pond Canada Goose Pond.jpg 4 20% 20 TBC TBC
Pond Pond.jpg 5 20%
(last use is 100%)
21 12min 5
Dry Pond Dry Pond.jpg - 100% - 12 min 1
Full Shallow Well Shallow Well.jpg 1 100% 1 - -
Shallow Well Shallow Well.jpg 5 6%
(last use is 100%)
68 216 seconds 17
Dry Shallow Well Dry Shallow Well.jpg - 100% - 216 seconds 1
Full Deep Well Deep Well.jpg 1 100% 1
(10 bowls)
- -
Deep Well Deep Well.jpg 5 25%
(last use is 100%)
(170 bowls)
150 min 40
Dry Deep Well Dry Deep Well.jpg - 100% - 150 min 1
Cistern Cistern.jpg 10 100% [1] 10
(100 bowls)
- -
Newcomen Pump Wet Newcomen Pump.jpg 3 100% [1] 3[2]
(30 bowls)
- -
Kerosene Newcomen Pump Wet Kerosene Newcomen Pump.jpg 5 100% [1] 5[3]
(50 bowls)
- -
Diesel Water Pump Wet Diesel Water Pump.jpg 7 100% [1] 7[4]
(70 bowls)
- -
Ice Hole Ice Hole.jpg infinite - infinite - -

Version History[]

  • In v.178 all seepage water sources were updated to produce one unit of water (one bowl) per hour. [5]
  • v.207 - Sprites for Bucket of Salt Water and Bowl of Salt Water were updated to distinguish them from fresh water. (Now shows "S" on side, for salt water.)
  • v.207 - Regeneration rates from dry water sources (which is certain) now matches estimated regeneration rate when not dry (which is probabilistic). Dry Pond now takes 720 seconds to refill by one bowl, Dry Shallow Well takes 216 seconds for one bowl, and Dry Deep Well takes 2.5 hours to refill by one bucket.
  • v.207 - Full Deep Wells and Shallow Wells can no longer accept infinite water dumped into them.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Cistern, Newcomen Pump, Kerosene Newcomen Pump and Diesel Water Pump have a fixed number of contained water.
  2. Newcomen Pump requires 1 full Bucket of Water to operate; giving a net gained water of 2 buckets.
  3. Kerosene Newcomen Pump requires 1 full Bucket of Water to operate. It takes 2 buckets of water to get Tank of Kerosene, which has 6 uses, costing approximately 3.33 bowls of water per use. Giving an approximate net gained water of 3.67 buckets.
  4. It takes 2 buckets of water to get Tank of Kerosene (which has 6 uses), costing approximately 3.33 bowls of water per use. Therefore Diesel Water Pump gives an approximate net gained water of 6.67 buckets.
  5. "All seepage water sources produce one unit of water (one bowl) per hour. Upgrading increases reservers, not rate. The known time of the first refill step from empty now matches the expected time for subsequent refill steps (the first step no longer has a huge time advantage, meaning that a source can't be exploited by keeping it constantly on empty). Fixes #79"- Jason Rohrer, update note, December 1, 2018