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Update 62 was released between March 6 and March 9, 2018. It was a large update, which included the Polar Biome, Gold Veins, Crowns, Dyes, Bear Skin, Cistern, Shallow and Deep Wells, as well as a rebalance of food.

Changes Made[]

  • Added Polar Biome with negative ground heat. Added Stone, White Pine Tree and Big Hard Rock to Polar Biome.
  • Removed White Pine Tree from Grasslands
  • Rabbit Fur Shall renamed to Rabbit Fur Shawl
  • Gave Pine Door R-value so that opening/closing them has an effect on heat.
  • Yew Tree without branch can now be chopped with Steel Axe.
  • Allowed Wool Booty to be held in hand.
  • Food bonus reduced from +3 to +2.
  • Domestic Gooseberry Bush produces fewer berries (six down from eight). Now produces same amount of food as wild. (6 berries worth 3 food + 2 new eating bonus, for 30 food total).
  • A Bowl of Dough now makes three Pie Crusts. "Water spent making pies now produces more extra food than water spent farming more raw crops." (--Jason Rohrer, patch notes)
  • Rebalanced food value of pies.
  • Compost now produces 2 Baskets of Soil, "enabling a fragile sustainable cycle for a diverse farm with carrots, wheat, and berries. Wheat consumes one soil but potentially produces 2 through compost, carrots consume soil slowly over time to produce seeds (and also participate in compost), berries consume no soil long term, but also participate in compost." (--Jason Rohrer, patch notes)
  • Carrots go to seed in 5 minutes instead of 10. Seeding carrots now consume fertile soil, decaying to bare ground instead of tilled row. Sheep no longer eat seeding carrot rows.
  • Moved NudityMod instructions out of data folder so that it's not included with main distribution.
  • Removed a bunch of ways to get scrap steel
  • Fixed so that you can set down a cool crucible out of Wooden Tongs.
  • Can now skin dead Grizzly Bear

New Items[]

Shallow wells made by using a Shovel on a Stone Pile. Buckets hold the same amount of water as Clay Bowl.

Naturally spawning[]



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