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Red Cross Apron with Sterile Pads

Update 247: "More Fixes"[1] was released July 6, 2019.

Changes Made[]

  • Weak Skewer can now till 2-pile soil into a Deep Tilled Row.
  • Fixed so you can't build a road/floor on top of an existing road/floor.
  • Threshed Wheat decays in 30 minutes to reduce clutter.
  • Spoon can be recycled.
  • Cut Stones with Bear Skin can no longer be picked up. Made Bear Skin spelling consistent. ("Boards with Bearskin" --> "Boards with Bear Skin")
  • Fixed pick-up age on Diesel Engine parts (only full engine is heavy and requires you to be 15).
  • A bunch more steel things can be scrapped
  • Both knife and Flint Chip can make Property Fence Twigs now.
  • Fixed so that you can't drain shot Canada Goose Pond before removing the goose, to prevent the goose from disappearing when the pond is emptied.
  • Made a bunch of non-liquid bowls and crucibles containable in a Wooden Box or Hand Cart, including popcorn bowls.
  • Can now milk last use of Milk Cow.
  • Single piece of Rabbit Fur no longer decays, for consistency with stacks and cut fur.
  • Added missing transition from Empty Bucket to Partial Bucket of Skim Milk. Also fixed filling empty bucket with whole milk from a bowl.
  • Fixed so that several attacking animals, that also go through uses, produce wounds when they attack on their last use, and don't get stuck after attacking. The fix changes it so that they don't consume a use when attacking.
  • Before, dogs were young for 8 years and old for 8 years, on average. Now they are young for 12 years and old for four years.
  • Can remove antenna from partial am transmitter, allowing it to be moved.

New Features[]

  • Scrapping steel into a bowl requires an extra step (marking a Scrap Bowl) to ensure that valuable steel items aren't scrapped accidentally with a misclick.
  • Off-screen murders now produce a visible directional marker (to go with the off-screen scream).
  • Rubber Tree planting.
  • Three Sterile Wool Pads can be stored in medical apron in an additional dedicated pocket.

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  1. Jason Rohrer, OHOL Forums, "Update: More Fixes", 06 July 2019