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Update 239: "Precious Life"[1] was released June 9, 2019. It included the addition of limits to the number of lives that you can live.

It's amazing how many of the long-term problems in the game are in some way related to life being too cheap. From griefing, to baby suicide, to too many Eves.[1]
— Jason Rohrer, OHOL Developer

Life tokens[]

In this update, a limit on the number of lives you can live per day was established. This means that a player incurs a cost when "choosing" the life they want. It was added to combat the overuse of Sudden Infant Death in order to become an Eve, and it may also decrease some forms of griefing.

The rules are as follows (subject to future change):

  • Lives build up over time, with a maximum buffer of 12 lives per day. (Theoretically you can play 24 lives in total per day)
  • You earn one new life every hour whenever you dip below 12 lives.
  • You earn lives day or night, whether you are playing or not.
  • A new player (or an extant player immediately after this update) starts with 24 lives. "This gives brand new players some cushion as they learn the game"

Other Changes[]

  • Snowball splats now have no_replace tag, and don't make you drop what you are holding. They just set your emote.
  • Fixed so that Stone Walls with signs insulate.
  • The lineage/area ban on /DIE is back.
  • Mother birth cooldown has been restored to the way it used to be.
  • "The Eve spiral is back, replacing the newer Eve grid placement. The spiral now works along with the ancient map culling, resetting back to the center of the map once it has been reclaimed by nature, so Eves will come closer together periodically, instead of just once a week when the servers restart."
  • "Roads, along with stone walls, are not reclaimed by nature, so you can build long-term routes across the map, even as civilizations die out along those routes. This should help distant villages continue to find each other over time.

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