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Fruiting Tomato Plant

Update 207: "Sweet and Spicy"[1] was released March 30, 2019.

Changes Made[]

  • "Added step-back-onto rope transitions for animals so they don't eat the rope if there's no place for them to move. Also allows you to grab rope/lasso if this is the case."
  • "Basket horse cart right-click bug has been fixed for real client-side."
  • "Email-based family tree searches are no longer public (access your personal family trees from the button on the login screen or on your personal download page), so people can't spy on you anymore if they know your email."
  • "Animals no longer spawn outside their home biome along biome boundaries. Goodbye, arctic snakes and desert penguins."
  • Updated server code to fix bad request logging bug which shut down entire server including forums. The public server code has been fixed to not report by default.

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