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Carrot Pile

Update 207: "Fixes Galore"[1] was released March 2, 2019. It contains some major bug and content fixes, including stacking carrots and Limestone, decay of certain seeds, Juniper Tree farming, and Shorn sheep producing Sheep Dung when fed.

Changes Made[]


The additional stacking options address some of the main culprits for ground clutter (i.e. seeds, carrots and flint chips).



  • Fed Shorn Domestic Sheep now make Sheep Dung. This makes the common wisdom "Don't shear the last sheep" obsolete, and allows greater flexibility in prioritizing fleece production.
  • Bison Calf and Domestic Calf on rope now match behavior of lambs on rope.
  • "Num Uses" on Lambs with set-down rope was causing rope to disappear.
  • Calfs and piglets can now be fed before they are hungry, consistent with lambs. Also fixed some weirdness with feeding wolf puppies.
  • Made shovel use chance consistent for Sheep Dung and Potatos
  • Fixed so that a shovel can break on last use on all Sheep Dung sources (Including Dung with Hatched Egg).
  • Potatoes use half as much steel as before (setting down potato no longer counts as a shovel use).
  • Fixed missing transition for when shovel breaks on potato digging.


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