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Dice in Bowl

Update 162: "Games of Chance" was released November 22, 2018.

Changes Made[]

  • Chance algorithm added for Cards, Dice, and Fishing.
  • Hint Hallway added in Tutorial which time-locked to age 35 (when you've been trying for 20 minutes or more). Other changes to tutorial.
  • New recipe for Clay Nozzle allows unlimited Wet Clay Nozzles to be made out of a single Clay.
  • Worms can now be used for fishing.
  • "Wet crock creation sound initial only, so it doesn't make play creation sound when setting down with tongs."
  • Wooden Tongs can now manipulate stacked Steel Ingots.
  • Charcoal Pencil now containable.
  • Hardened Rows can be removed with shovel.
  • In-progress Stew crocks now containable.
  • Ax renamed to Axe
  • Fixed speed of sheep when moving onto Carrot Row.
  • "Dry milk cow lasted forever. Infinite water-milk loop. Now milk cow takes 10 steps before becoming regular cow, and dry cow preserves that step count, and continues to decrement it. If multiple people race to milk/water the cow, they can probably get several buckets of milk out of it. But no more infinite milk from water."
  • Can now make basket on Tule Stumps, without moving both Reed Bundles.

New Items[]

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