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The Tutorial is a basic introduction to the game, accessed on the login screen of the game (currently visible only at first login, and after death). It will instruct you on the basic mechanics of the game, and give you time to experiment in a closed environment. In order to finish the tutorial, you must light the "tutorial torch" towards the end of the passageway. To do this, you need basic knowledge of fire.

Information which cannot be gleaned from the tutorial or the recipe index, can be discovered through gameplay, observing or asking other players, or (as a last resort) can be found in this wiki and at Onetech. Additionally, you can try asking for help on the forums. The wiki, tech-tree and forums can all be accessed via links at the top of the game's official website


  • The optional section in the tutorial is also a good way to practice smithing in a controlled environment.
  • It is possible to escape the tutorial by using the contained materials to craft a steel axe, and shovel to remove the Yew Tree at the end (However this is not required to complete the tutorial).


  • Added in v.117
  • v.162 - A "Hint Hallway" was added, which contains step by step instructions on how to light the tutorial torch. It is barred from entry for the first 20 minutes, after which the "Twenty Minute Barricade" can be removed.
  • v.164 - New section added explaining use of the SPACE bar to freeze camera.
  • v.178 - Doors and fire-making objects added to Camera-freezing section. Warnings added to the last optional section to show it is not necessary to complete the tutorial.
  • v.196 - Yum Bonus explained in greater detail.

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