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Turkeys are animals found in the yellow prairies. They can be killed using a bow and arrow. They currently cannot be domesticated. A shot turkey can be plucked for 18 Turkey Feathers, and skinned using a knife or Flint Chip to get Plucked Turkey. The turkey can then be cooked to get Turkey Slices, Turkey Drumstick and Turkey Broth.


If interacted with barehanded, a turkey will make a noise and run from the player, similar to Penguins.


Turkey Feather[]

Turkey Feather

Turkey Feather is taken barehanded from a Shot Turkey. 18 feathers can be removed. It can be added to a Straw Hat or Rabbit Fur Hat to get Straw Hat with Feather and Rabbit Fur Hat with Feather respectively. The feather is purely cosmetic and adds no extra insulation value, but will extend the decay timer of the rabbit fur hat.

Plucked Turkey[]

Plucked TurkeyPlucked Turkey (as a hat)

Plucked Turkey is obtained by using a knife or Flint Chip on a Shot Turkey. It can be worn on the head and provides 0% insulation. Or can be placed on a plate for cooking.

Turkey Slice[]

Turkey Slice on Plate

To make Turkey Slice, first put the Plucked Turkey on a plate. Add to a Hot Adobe Oven and after 30 seconds it will turn into Cooked Turkey. Remove the turkey from the oven and use a knife to carve it. Use plates to get 6 portions of Turkey Slice.

Turkey Drumstick[]

Turkey Drumstick

Turkey Drumstick is obtained after all 6 portions of Turkey Slice are removed from a carved cooked turkey. The carcass holds 2 drumsticks, which when eaten will leave Turkey Leg Bones. Keep these for making Turkey Broth (they do not decay).

Turkey Broth[]

Turkey BrothBowl of Turkey Broth

To make Turkey Broth, first return both the Turkey Leg Bones to the Turkey Carcass. Then add the Turkey Bones to a Clay Crock and add a Bowl of Water or Full Water Pouch. Add the crock to Hot Coals and after 30 seconds the Turkey Broth will be cooked. It contains 8 portions which can be removed using Clay Bowls.


  • Added in v171 as part of the Thanksgiving "Turkey Hunt" update.