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A Track or Cart Track (name pending) is a railway which can be built to use with a Track Cart. It is slow moving, resource heavy, and has limited applications. One common use is to transport Raw Mutton from a sheep pen to a kitchen.

Track can be removed using a shovel. Letting a Track Cart drive itself off a broken track, instead of stopping at a Track End, creates a Derailed Cart.

Track Kit[]

Track Kit.jpg

A Track Kit is the basis of rails, and is created by adding a Steel Blade Blank to boards. It can be placed on marking stakes to get various directional tracks. Placing one on an existing track will create a cross track. Using an adze on a track kit will separate the blade blank from the boards.

Track Configurations[]

Marking Stakes are made by hitting stakes with a round stone, with the number of hits determining the configuration. Track End marking stakes can be obtained by hitting the equivalent wall marking stakes with a mallet. Note: A Cross Track is obtained by adding a Track Kit to a North-South or East-West Track.

Configuration Result
East-West Wall Stakes.jpg
East-West Wall Stakes
East West Track.jpg
East West Track
North-South Wall Stakes.jpg
North-South Wall Stakes
North South Track.jpg
North South Track
Cross Track.jpg
Cross Track
East Track End Stakes.jpg
East Track End Stakes
East Track End.jpg
East Track End
West Track End Stakes.jpg
West Track End Stakes
West Track End.jpg
West Track End
North Track End Stakes.jpg
North Track End Stakes
North Track End.jpg
North Track End
South Track End Stakes.jpg
South Track End Stakes
South Track End.jpg
South Track End

Track Cart Kit[]

Track Cart Kit.jpg

A Track Cart Kit is made by adding 4 Wooden Wheels to boards, then adding a Steel Spring. Once assembled, it is placed on a Track End to get a Track Cart. A track cart can hold 4 large items, so use baskets to optimize transport of small goods.

Using (left click) the cart with empty hands, or when it is full, sends it down the track. If it travels off the track without hitting a Track End, it will become a Derailed Cart. A Derailed cart is turned into a partially assembled track cart kit, missing a wheel and the spring, by using a Bow Saw.


  • v.131 - Cart Tracks added.
  • v.209 - Now Adzes are required to remove Cart Tracks, rather than Shovels.