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Tools are essential for farming, cooking, smithing and building. Most tools have a limited number of times they can be used before becoming broken. Others, such as Basket, Backpack and Hand Cart, degrade after a certain amount of time. Some tools such as Stone, Bellows and Knife can be used infinitely without degrading or becoming broken.

Tools nearing breaking point will change visually so keep an eye on the condition of the tool and try to put it back where you found it, so that others can find it. Broken Steel Tools will disappear after an hour, or can be combined to get Clump of Scrap Steel and forged into a new Steel Ingot.

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Simple Tools[]

Image Name Description Estimated Uses Materials Needed
Stone.jpg Stone Used in many recipes to bash things. N/A Stone
Sharp Stone.jpg Sharp Stone Used in many recipes, mainly to cut or dig plants. N/A Stone and Big Hard Rock
Flint Chip.jpg Flint Chip Used in many recipes to cut things, skin animals and to make Flint Arrowhead. N/A Sharp Stone and Flint
Stone Hatchet.jpg Stone Hatchet Used for turning branches and plants into kindling. 20 Tied Short Shaft and Sharp Stone
Needle and Thread.jpg Needle and Thread Used to make clothes and useful items such as a backpack or water pouch. Also used in Medical Treatment N/A Bone Needle(Flint Chip and Rabbit Bone) and thread
Fire Bow Drill.jpg Fire Bow Drill Used for the first step of making a fire. N/A Bow Drill Bow(Rope and Small Curved Shaft) and Short Shaft
Flint-tipped Bow Drill.jpg Flint-tipped Bow Drill Used to turn wooden disks into wooden wheels. N/A Flint Arrowhead(Sharp Stone and Flint Chip) and Fire Bow Drill
Stone Hoe.png Stone Hoe Used for tilling Fertile Soil Pile or Shallow Tilled Rows to get Deep Tilled Row. 20 Tied Long Shaft and Sharp Stone

Wooden Tools[]

Image Name Description Estimated Uses
Skewer.jpg Skewer Used in cooking, making home markers, tilling soil, and to make Letter Stock. 4
Stakes.jpg Stakes Used in building or to stake gooseberry bushes. N/A
Knitting Needles.jpg Knitting Needles Used to make wool clothes. N/A
Wooden Tongs.jpg Wooden Tongs Used in smithing to pick up objects to be fired at a firing Adobe Kiln or Forge. N/A


Mallet Used together with a Steel Froe, or with a chisel. Can also be used on Marking Stakes, Wild Squash and Fences. 20
Drop Spindle.jpg Drop Spindle Used to turn fleece into balls of yarn. N/A
Bellows.jpg Bellows Used to turn a adobe kiln into a forge for smithing steel.

It can also be taken off the forge to turn it back in to a kiln.

Stomper.jpg Stomper Used in making Sauerkraut N/A
Yew Bow.jpg Yew Bow A weapon which uses arrows to kill certain wild and domestic animals. This is a dangerous tool because it can be used to kill players. N/A

Steel Tools[]

Image Name Discription Estimated Uses
Smithing Hammer.jpg Smithing Hammer Used in smithing shape raw material into tools. Can also be used on Wild Squash. 20
Shovel.jpg Shovel Used for digging. Also used to make Shallow Well, and to pick up Sheep Dung. 20
Steel Axe.jpg Steel Axe Used to cut down trees, and turn branches and dead plants into kindling. Can also be used to behead geese, chop up squash and dismantle some signs. 40
Steel Adze.jpg Steel Adze Used for making mallets, fence kits and removing wooden floor. Can also be used to dismantle Track Kits and some signs 20
Steel Chisel.jpg Steel Chisel Used together with a mallet or Smithing Hammer, to process big rocks, in smithing, to make Marked Graves and remove plaster from Plaster Wall. 20
Steel Froe.jpg Steel Froe Used together with a mallet, to turn butt logs into boards. 20
Steel File.jpg Steel File Used in smithing to make shears, knife, bow saw and Lock and Key. N/A
Bow Saw.jpg Bow Saw Used to turn butt logs into wooden disks. Can also be used to remove a Derailed Cart. 10
Shears.jpg Shears Used to get wool from sheep, to take cuttings from trees, and to craft White Apron, Bonsai and Deck of Cards. N/A
Steel Mining Pick.jpg Steel Mining Pick Using to mine Iron Vein, gold veins, and to destroy certain buildings. 20
Steel Hoe.jpg Steel Hoe Used for tilling Fertile Soil Pile or Shallow Tilled Rows to get Deep Tilled Row. 40
Key $10.jpg Key $10 Used to unlock locks. N/A
Knife.jpg Knife A weapon, used to kill and butcher certain wild and domestic animals, as well as in cooking and Medical Treatment. Can also be used in many recipes where flint chip or Sharp Stone is used. This is a dangerous tool because it can be used to kill players. N/A
Kraut Board.jpg Kraut Board Used to shred Red Cabbage for Sauerkraut. N/A

Storage Tools[]

Image Name Description Uses
Basket.jpg Basket Used to carry 3 small items, a pile of charcoal or soil. Lasts 10 hours
Backpack.jpg Backpack An item worn on the back, used to carry 4 additional small items or one clump of Fertile Soil. Used in conjunction with a basket, a player can carry a total of 7 contained items. Lasts 5 Hours
Wooden Box.jpg Wooden Box It can not be moved, but can store up to 4 items, including filled baskets and larger items. N/A
Open Wooden Chest.jpg Wooden Chest An upgraded version of Wooden Box which can be locked. N/A
Wooden Sledge.jpg Wooden Sledge Portable version of wooden box. But without wheels it slows down the player. N/A
Wheelbarrow.jpg Wheelbarrow A faster version of the Wooden Sledge, but slower than the hand cart. Carries 4 baskets or items. Lasts 10 Hours
Hand Cart.jpg Hand Cart It can be attached to horses and does not slow the player. Carries 4 baskets or items. Lasts 10 Hours
Hand Cart with Tires.jpg Hand Cart with Tires A Hand Cart with Tires can carry 6 baskets or items, and is slightly faster than a normal Hand Cart. It can also be a good way to prevent decay without upgrading to a horse-drawn cart. Lasts 10 Hours
Horse-Drawn Cart.jpg Horse-Drawn Cart A Horse-Drawn Cart can carry 4 baskets or items, and can be ridden. Giving the player increased speed.

However, it can be tipped by a Rattle Snake.


Other Tools[]

Image Name Description Estimated Uses
Net.jpg Net Used to catch Shrimp N/A