Three Sisters Stew

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Three Sisters StewBowl of Stew

Three Sisters Stew is a nutritious food source made from squash, corn and beans. Stew can be extracted by using a Clay Bowl to get Bowl of Stew. All stages of raw stew can be contained in a Hand Cart.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Squash[edit | edit source]

Use a Sharp Stone, Flint Chip or knife on a Ripe Squash Plant, and put the Hubbard Squash on a Clay Plate. Use a stone hatchet or steel axe, then add the squash chunks to a Clay Crock to get Crock with Squash.

Beans[edit | edit source]

Fill a Clay Bowl with Dry Bean Pods from a Dry Bean Plants (Green Beans will not work for this purpose). A full bowl can hold 6 beans. Note: Attempting to move a full bowl will remove a bean pod. Use a round stone on a full bowl, then use the bowl on a Clay Plate. Use the winnowed beans on a bowl again then add Bowl of Water or Full Water Pouch to get Bowl of Soaking Beans. Use the soaking beans on a clay bowl and add the soaked beans to Crock with Squash to get Crock with Squash and Beans.

Corn[edit | edit source]

Pick an Ear of Corn from a Corn Plant and use a Sharp Stone, Flint Chip or knife to get Shucked Ear of Corn. After 4 minutes the shucked corn will turn into Dried Ear of Corn. Add the dried corn to a Clay Bowl, then use a Flint Chip or knife to get Bowl with Corn Kernels. Add the corn kernels to Crock with Squash and Beans to get Dry Stew Pot

Finishing touches[edit | edit source]

Bowl of Water.jpgHot Coals.jpg

Add a Bowl of Water (or Full Water Pouch) to the dry stew pot to get Raw Stew Pot. Put this on Hot Coals and after 30 seconds you will have Three Sisters Stew. Use a Clay Bowl to extract Bowl of Stew.