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The Apocalypse is a recipe for a server-wide event, which in previous versions of the game, would kill all players on the server, giving "Reason of Death: The Apocalypse" and reset the server. A new recipe for the Apocalypse was added in Version 186 and the old recipe was renamed to Oddity. The new recipe requires more than one player to craft, can be disrupted at multiple stages, and requires the passing of time to complete. It is limited to the server it is crafted on, giving world-wide warnings as the ritual progresses, and will wipe the map in a "wave" without necessarily killing players.[1]



activating Dark Nosaj

A willing sacrifice

To craft an Endstone, a Bloody Knife must be inserted into a Dark Nosaj (which can be found in the jungle). The Endstone can then be taken. A Nosaj can only be used once, and the knife is consumed.

Note: It is possible to get a bloody knife without killing a player if Medical Treatment is given to the victim.


An Endblock is made by using a Chisel on a Stone Block and hitting with a Mallet. An Endstone can be added or removed again.


To start an Endtower, add an Endblock to a regular Stone Block (it is not necessary to use Marking Stakes). After 6 hours, the top block will start to seep and a world-wide warning will occur (sounds like a sort of electronic "bell"). Another endblock can then be added and another 6 hour wait started. After 4 endblocks in total have been placed, and the top block is seeping, a final Bloody Knife can be added to trigger The Apocalypse. At any stage, the endblocks can be removed from the tower.



Oddity is the name of the old recipe for The Apocalypse. It was renamed such in Version 186, when the new recipe was added. It is made by adding 3 Gold Ingots to a Monolith to get Full Monolith, then adding a Crowned Captured Horse. The structure can still be completed, but the event will not be triggered.


  • The original Apocalypse was disabled due to a map exploit where players would be able to quickly locate gold and monoliths, triggering the apocalypse multiple times in an hour.
  • v.186 - New recipe for The Apocalypse added, and the old renamed to "Oddity".