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Pork Taco and Bean Taco are food items taken from a Stack of Pork Tacos or Stack of Bean Tacos respectively. They require a large number of steps to cook. They are made similarly to Bean Burritos.



Raw Pork.jpgBowl of Carnitas.jpg

Carnitas are used to make pork tacos and to feed puppies. Take Raw Pork from a Butchered Pig and add to a Clay Bowl then cook on Hot Coals to get Bowl of Carnitas.


Cooked Beans are used to make bean tacos and Bean Burritos. Fill a Clay Bowl with Dry Bean Pods from a Dry Bean Plants. Use a round stone, then use the bowl on a Clay Plate. Use the winnowed beans on a bowl again then add Bowl of Water or Full Water Pouch to get Bowl of Soaking Beans. Use this on Hot Coals to get Bowl of Cooked Beans.


This is the most difficult part of the recipe.

Stack of Corn Tortillas[]

At this stage, it is beneficial to set up a production line with Flat Rock, Hot Flat Rock, and plate, as a dropped raw tortilla becomes dirty and is unusable.


Stack of Tacos.jpg


  • v.175 - Stack of Corn Tortillas and Stack of Tacos can be picked up all at once.