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Sugarcane is a plant found in Jungle which can be farmed. It can be harvested using a Sharp Stone, Flint Chip or Knife to get Sugarcane Bundle. Its products are used in Cooking, Dyes and fire fuel.


Harvest a Sugarcane Bundle wild sugarcane using a sharp stone, Flint Chip or knife and bring it to where you will plant your sugarcane. Take a single sugarcane stalk and chop it using a Steel Axe. Plant the chunks in a Deep Tilled Row and water the row using a Bowl of Water or full water pouch. After 4 minutes, the sugarcane will ripen and can be harvested.

Note: Sugarcane chunks can also be planted from a bowl.


Add sugarcane chunks to a bowl and use a round stone to smash into pulp. Add a bowl or pouch of water and add to Hot Coals. After 10 seconds, the cooked pulp can be removed. Use on an empty bowl to get Bowl of Bagasse and Cane Juice. After 5 minutes, the Cane Juice will turn into Vinegar, or it can be added to Hot Coals, and after 10 seconds you can take the Raw Sugar.