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Steel ingots are a smithing material used to create steel tools. It is made from Iron Ore and Charcoal and can be recycled from some steel tools.

A Steel Ingot can be fired at a Firing Forge using Wooden Tongs and placed on a Flat Rock in order to smith various items.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

To make, first combine Wrought Iron and Charcoal in a Clay Bowl, then seal with a Clay Plate. Alternatively, fill a Clay Bowl with Clump of Scrap Steel, then seal with a plate as usual.

Fire the resulting Unforged Sealed Steel Crucible in a Firing Forge using Wooden Tongs then place on the ground. After 10 seconds, when the Hot Forged Steel Crucible turns into Forged Steel Crucible, remove the plate. Attempting to pick up the Crucible with Steel barehanded will remove the Steel Ingot.

Products[edit | edit source]

Tool Heads[edit | edit source]

To make tools with Steel Ingot, it must be fired in a Firing Forge using Wooden Tongs. The Hot Steel Ingot must then be placed on a Flat Rock. Using a round stone will craft a Smithing Hammer Head. Or, a Smithing Hammer can be used to smith various tool parts. The number of hits with the hammer will determine the part created.

Smithing Progression[edit | edit source]

Hit the hot steel ingot multiple times with the Smithing Hammer to make different tool heads. If you make the wrong tool head, place it into a crucible to melt down and try again. Hitting a Hot Steel Ingot on Flat Rock with a Smithing Hammer will make:

Machine parts[edit | edit source]

Steel Ingot can also be used to craft various machine pieces by using a Multipurpose Newcomen Engine (see page for more details).

Info[edit | edit source]

  • See Smithing for a full guide.
  • Steel ingots can be stacked
  • Crucible with Charcoal can be dumped on another charcoal to empty the bowl.
  • No charcoal is needed to make Crucible with Scrap Steel. It is made by adding Clump of Scrap Steel to a bowl. It can also be made by filling the bowl directly with various other steel tool pieces such as Steel Axe Head, or Steel Chisel. Machine parts, and tools with wooden handles cannot be added.
  • Hot Metal will turn cold after 10 seconds.