Steel Axe

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Steel Axe

A Steel Axe is a tool used to cut down trees and to cut wooden items into kindling (similar to the stone hatchet). It is recommended to only cut cypress, willow, and dead trees, because they give no other resources.

It can also be used to cut Squash for stew, behead Domestic Goose, disassemble signs and Property Fences, and cut Sugarcane into chunks.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Smithing Progression:
Hitting a Hot Steel Ingot on Flat Rock with
a Smithing Hammer will make:

First make a Steel Axe Head by hitting a hot steel ingot on flat rock once with a smithing hammer. After 10 seconds it will cool and can be picked up from the flat rock. Adding to a long straight shaft will create the Steel Axe.

Kindling[edit | edit source]

These objects can be cut with an axe or hatchet to create kindling: