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Snowball is a semi-lethal weapon which was added in Version 184. A small snowball can be thrown at other players, stunning them so that they cannot interact with items for 10 seconds. A single snowball will not necessarily kill a player, but if a player is hit by enough snowballs in quick succession, they will die with the Cause of Death: "Killed by Snowball".


Use empty hands on a Snow Bank to get a Snowball. Then use the snowball on the snowbank again to increase its size to medium, big then huge. Note: After 1 minute, a snowball will decrease in size then melt and after 30 seconds disappear.

Add a Big Snowball to a Huge Snowball, then add a Medium Snowball to start a Snowman.


  • v.184 - Snowballs added.
  • v.207 - Snowballs can no longer be made at a distance, and they now melt silently instead of playing packing sound.
  • v.208 - Fixed time of temporary melted snowball state to 1 second, from 1 minute.
  • v.209 - The melting state of the Snowball is no longer deadly.
  • v.239 - Snowball splats now have no_replace tag, and don't make you drop what you are holding. They just set your emote.