Small Trash Pit

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Small Trash Pit.jpg
Filled Small Trash Pit.jpg

A small trash pit can be used to dispose of certain items and is made by using a shovel on pit stakes. A trash pit will be filled when 20 items are dropped into it. An open trash pit can be filled by using a shovel, or will automatically fill after 5 minutes. Filled trash pits do not block movement, and will disappear after 1 minute.

Trash[edit | edit source]

These are the items which can be thrown in a small trash pit. Note that some items may have other uses, or will decay eventually anyway.

Version History[edit | edit source]

  • v.54 - Added Small Trash Pit
  • v.71 - Filled trash pits do not block movement. Empty trash pit, filled back in with shovel will disappear after 10 seconds.
  • v.82 - Small trash pit can take 20 things before filling up (instead of 10). Broken tools can be thrown in.
  • v.146 - Trash pits auto-fill-in after 5 minutes. Filled pits disappear soon after. Therefore cannot be used as makeshift animal pens.