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A Skewer is a tool which is obtained by cutting a Sapling with a sharp stone. It is used to make clay nozzle, arrows, knitting needles, letters and butter. If hit with a round stone, it will set a Home Marker. It can also be used as a hoe, and is used to cook rabbit, goose and fish.

A skewer has 3 uses with a 50% chance to use, resulting in an estimated 6 uses before turning into a Broken Skewer, which can only be thrown into a Small Trash Pit or will decay after 4 minutes.

A skewer that has been used to cook meat, as a home marker, or one that has been cut from a Domestic Sapling will yield a Weak Skewer. This can be used the same as a normal skewer, but will break after one use as a hoe.


Home Marker


  • v.20 - Skewer added
  • v.79 - Weak Skewer and Broken Skewer added
  • v.247 - Weak Skewer can now till 2-pile soil into a Deep Tilled Row.