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Signs are structures used to display messages made by adding Letters. They can be assembled on posts, or on corner walls.

Small Sign[edit | edit source]

Small Sign.jpg

Small Sign is made by combining Boards and Tied Long Shaft, or by adding boards directly to a corner Stone Wall. A small sign holds 14 Letters

Big Sign[edit | edit source]

Big Sign.jpg

Big Sign is made by adding Tied Long Shaft to a Big Stack of Boards (2 Boards), by adding Loose Big Sign directly to a corner Stone Wall, or by adding boards to a Small Sign on a corner stone wall. It can hold 27 letters.

Dismantling[edit | edit source]

Using a steel axe on a sign on a post will turn it into a Loose Sign which can be combined with Tied Long Shaft or placed directly on a corner Stone Wall. Signs on Stone Walls can be removed by using an adze which will return Stone Wall with Boards or Stone Wall with Board Stack.

Locking[edit | edit source]

Signs can be locked, preventing addition or removal of letters, and destruction, by using Lock and Key $10 which will place the lock and return Key $10. That sign can then be unlocked using a key of the same type as the lock used. The Lock can be removed by using a Lock Removal Key $10 of the same type as the lock used. A loose sign can be locked and unlocked the same as a normal sign.