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Shears are a tool used to shear sheep, cut fabric, collect cuttings and prune bonsai.

  • Number of uses: 5
  • Chance to use: 4% (last use is 100%)
  • Estimated uses: 101
  • Pickup at Age: 3
  • Item size: Small
  • Difficulty: Moderately Hard (59 Steps)

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Combine 2 steel blades then hit with a smithing hammer.

Using[edit | edit source]

Shorn Domestic Sheep (with wool)

Animals[edit | edit source]

Domestic Sheep Fleece and Shorn Domestic Sheep
Dead Sheep Fleece
Domestic Goose Goose Feather

Note: Cannot be used on Mouflon, Bison, Grizzly Bears, or Dogs. Not needed to collect turkey feathers--use your bare hands instead.

Clothes[edit | edit source]

Bolt of Wool Cloth Undyed Cloak
Loom with Cloth Loom with Cut Cloth
Snake Skin Boot Sandal
Undyed Long Dress Skirt and Shirt

(Single pile version of Long Skirt

and Button-down Shirt)

Undyed Long Skirt Undyed Pleated Skirt
Wool Sweater White Apron

Note: Cannot be used on furs or skins--use a flint chip or knife instead.

Other Uses[edit | edit source]

Trees A cutting from the tree
Bonsai Prunes the plant at key stages
Blank Paper Blank Card Stack for Deck of Cards
Corn Tortilla in Bowl Raw Tortilla Chips for Cooking

Note: Cannot be used to produce cuttings for Farming. Those plants require seeds. They are also not used to harvest cuttings from a Sapling--use a Sharp Stone or Knife instead.

History[edit | edit source]