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Shallow WellDry Shallow Well

A Shallow Well is made by using a shovel on a well site. It can be harvested for water using a clay bowl or water pouch. It holds 5 units of water, with a 6% chance to use (the last use is 100% chance), resulting in an estimated 68 uses before turning dry. It regenerates water at a rate of approx 1 bowl per hour.

A dry shallow well can be turned into a Deep Well by using a Stanchion Kit, or into a Diesel Water Pump by using a Diesel Engine.


  • v.62 - Shallow well added.
  • Shallow well must now be built on ponds and the pond has to be dried up.
  • v.178 - emptying the contents of a well (into Buckets and Cisterns) will NO LONGER speed the rate of water regeneration. But draining can still be done to avoid resetting the regeneration timer.
  • v.207 - Full Deep Wells and Shallow Wells can no longer accept infinite water dumped into them.
  • v.207 - Regeneration rates from dry water sources (which is certain) now matches estimated regeneration rate when not dry (which is probabilistic). Dry Shallow Well takes 216 seconds to refill by one bowl.