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Seeds are used in planting farms. The most basic types being gooseberry, carrot, milkweed and wheat seeds. Seeds can be harvested from their parent wild or domestic plants, often requiring a specific tool such as a flint chip, or shears, to extract the seed. Others require certain processing such as soaking in a Bowl of Water, or chilling on a Snow Bank. Some seeds such as wheat will disappear over time if not stored in a bowl, while others will remain indefinitely until used. Uniquely, a Bonsai can be started by placing a Yew Tree Cutting in a Bowl of Soil.


Seed Image Tools required Decay time
Gooseberry Seed Gooseberry Seed.jpg Flint Chip 1 hour
Bowl of Gooseberry Seeds Bowl of Gooseberry Seeds.jpg -
Carrot Seed Head Carrot Seed Head.jpg 5 min
Bowl of Carrot Seeds Bowl of Carrot Seeds.jpg -
Milkweed Seed Milkweed Seed.jpg 5 min
Bowl of Milkweed Seeds Bowl of Milkweed Seeds.jpg -
Wheat Seed Head Wheat Seed Head.jpg 2 min
Bowl of Wheat Bowl of Wheat.jpg -
Wild Squash Wild Squash.jpg -
Squash Seeds Squash Seeds.jpg stone 5 min
Bowl of Squash Seeds Bowl of Squash Seeds.jpg -
Teosinte Seed Head Teosinte Seed Head.jpg -
Corn Kernel Corn Kernel.jpg Flint Chip


5 min
Dry Bean Pod Dry Bean Pod.jpg -
Cabbage Seed Cabbage Seed.jpg 5 min
Bowl of Cabbage Seeds Bowl of Cabbage Seeds.jpg -
Wild Rose Hip Wild Rose Hip.jpg -
Rose Hip Rose Hip.jpg -
Rose Seed Rose Seed.jpg Flint Chip

Cold Bowl with Rose Seed

Wild Potato Tubers Wild Potato Tubers.png shovel -
Raw Potato Raw Potato.jpg shovel -
Sprouting Potato Sprouting Potato.jpg -
Wild Tomato Cluster Wild Tomato Cluster.jpg Clay Bowl and Bowl of Water -
Tomato Seed Tomato Seed.jpg 5 min
Bowl of Tomato Seeds Bowl of Tomato Seeds.jpg -
Wild Pepper Wild Pepper.jpg Flint Chip


Pepper Seed Pepper Seed.jpg 5 min
Wild Onion Wild Onion.jpg -
Onion Onion.jpg -
Onion Seeds Onion Seeds.jpg 5 min
Bowl of Onion Seeds Bowl of Onion Seeds.jpg -
Split Potato Sprouts Split Potato Sprouts.jpg Bowl of Water

Flint Chip

Sugarcane Chunks Sugarcane Chunks.jpg Steel Axe -
Sapling Cutting Sapling Cutting.jpg Flint Chip


10 min

Tree cuttings[]

Cutting Image How to obtain Decay time
Maple Tree Cutting Maple Tree Cutting.jpg Shears 10 min
Poplar Tree Cutting Poplar Tree Cutting.jpg Shears 10 min
Pine Tree Cutting Pine Tree Cutting.jpg Shears 10 min
Yew Tree Cutting Yew Tree Cutting.jpg Shears 10 min
Mango Tree Cutting Mango Tree Cutting.jpg Shears 10 min
Juniper Tree Cutting Juniper Tree Cutting.jpg Shears 10 min
Rubber Tree Cutting Rubber Tree Cutting.jpg Shears 10 min