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Open Fermented Sauerkraut.jpgBowl of Sauerkraut.jpg

Sauerkraut is a food item made by fermenting a Red Cabbage. Portions can be removed from a Open Fermented Sauerkraut with a Clay Bowl to get Bowl of Sauerkraut which gives two bites of food.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Tools required[edit | edit source]

Clay Crock.jpgKraut Board.jpgStomper.jpg

Salt[edit | edit source]

Bowl of Salt.jpg

To get salt, take a Bowl of Salt Water and place on Hot Coals to get Simmering Salt Water. After 10 seconds it will become Dried Salt which can be removed from the coals to become Bowl of Salt.

Sauerkraut[edit | edit source]

Use a Kraut Board on a Clay Crock, and add a Red Cabbage. Remove the board, and add a Bowl of Salt to the Shredded Cabbage. Use a Stomper to get Stomped Fresh Sauerkraut. Add a Clay Plate then place a stone to weigh it down.

After 30 seconds, the Weighted Fresh Sauerkraut will become Fermented Sauerkraut. Take off the stone and the Clay Plate and you will have Open Fermented Sauerkraut. Portions can be removed with a Clay Bowl to get Bowl of Sauerkraut.