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Rose bushes are plants which can be farmed from their wild equivalent, Wild Rose with Fruit. Rose bushes can be either pink, red or white, depending on the rose seed, and will grow their respective roses when watered. Emptying the bushes will give a rose hip of the same color as the plant. White roses can be dyed to create blue roses by dipping them in simmering indigo dye. Rosebushes do not die but (as of v.152) can be chopped down using a steel axe to make kindling

Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Find a Wild Rose with Fruit in the prairies, and harvest a Wild Rose Hip. Use a flint chip or knife to get a pink Wild Rose Seed. After 1 hour, a pink seed will turn into a red seed, then after another hour into a white seed.

Place a Clay Bowl onto a Snow Bank and add the seed. After 30 seconds the seed will become "Stratified" and you can take it out of the bowl. A stratified seed can be planted into a deep tilled row, then watered with a Bowl of Water or Full Water Pouch. After 4 minutes, the rose bush can be watered again. After a further 2 minutes, you will get a mature Rose Bush.

A rose bush gives 6 roses and one Rose Hip of the same color as the plant. Picking the rose hip will return the plant to its dry state.

Info[edit | edit source]