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Rabbit Holes

Rabbits are animals which are among the easiest to hunt and process. They can be found in the yellow prairies in holes as a family or an individual. Rabbits are an essential early-game crafting ingredient for many purposes including smithing, backpacks, clothing, pies, and medical supplies.


Set a snare on a family rabbit hole, put a Burdock in a Flat Rock and use a Sharp Stone on it to make Bait (can be used 3 times), use it in the Snared Rabbit Hole and after 25 seconds, you can take the Dead Rabbit and retrieve the snare. The hole will only start growing again once the snare has been taken.

Regen times[]

Whenever possible you should only place snares on Rabbit Family Holes; if babies are not present when the snare is set, the abandoned rabbit hole will take 1 hour longer to regenerate. Therefore, it is better to wait the 10 minutes to catch rabbits who have family.

State Regen time Turns into
Abandoned Rabbit Hole.jpg
Abandoned Rabbit Hole
1 hour Rabbit Hole (Growing)
Rabbit Hole(growing).jpg
Rabbit Hole (Growing)
1 hour Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole.jpg
Rabbit Hole
10 minutes Rabbit Family Hole
Rabbit Family Hole.jpg
Rabbit Family Hole


A Dead Rabbit can be retrieved after snaring a rabbit hole. Skinning a dead rabbit with a knife or flint chip yields rabbit fur and skinned rabbit.

Note: It is more efficient to wait until you are back in town to skin rabbits.


  • As of v.150, Snared (single) Rabbit holes no longer remain permanently abandoned, but instead take 1 extra hour to return to its growing state.