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If you're looking to tweak your game's client settings, wanting to setup you own private server, or want to mod the game, this is the page you want. The page is split into these 3 categories: Advanced Settings, Private Servers, and Modding.

One Hour One Life is an Open Source game allowing you to change everything down to the underlying code. This means that a Power User can basically change everything about the game if they so choose from tweaking the window size to replacing all the graphics. Every purchase of the game includes a link to the source code which can be redistributed however you like. Essentially by buying the game you buy the right to play on the official servers and support the developer.

Advanced Settings[]

Note that all changes to the Advanced Settings is done by using a text editor to change specific files under the settings folder in your game's directory.

  • Custom Server: Choose a specific official or private server to always play on.
  • Changing the Control Scheme: All settings related to changing the game controls.
  • Hard To Quit Mode: A setting that... makes it very hard to quit. Only way is to use application task manager. For use on kiosks (e.g. at conferences).

Private Servers[]


Modding is the act of changing a game away from the official content. It can be anything from changing an image to adding new game mechanics. Due to the open source nature of One Hour One Life there are two ways to modify the game: Asset and Code.

Asset mods involve changing graphics or object definitions. Simple graphics changes can be distributed to anyone with an official client and will work. An example is the Nudity Removal Mod included with your purchase of the game. This mod replaces specific graphics with blank versions. Another example would be a graphics overhaul mod that replaces all graphics with more detailed versions.

Changing object definitions is another form of Asset modding. However, these mods will only work on private servers. Object definitions can be changed and created manually with a text editor or using the EditOneLife application included in the game source.

Code mods are created when someone makes changes to the application's source code and builds new binaries for each platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OS). These mods can do just about anything allowing for full rewrites of the game's engine if the modder so desires.

The Developer maintains several code repositories for the game that are public for anyone to copy :