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Various Plants exist in One Hour One Life, which produce various resources, and some of which can be farmed.


Wild plants are found naturally occurring in the world. Some can be pulled by hand, while others require tools to harvest and process into seeds which can be farmed. Burdock, tule, cacti and Glasswort cannot be domesticated.


Farmed plants can be cultivated from their equivalent wild seeds. They require soil and water to establish, and in some cases extra steps to process.


Currently there are 8 different tree types, and each of them produces different resources, listed below. Some trees can be propagated by taking a cutting with Shears, and planting it in a Deep Tilled Row to eventually get a tree. Yew Tree Cuttings can be placed in a Bowl of Soil to start a Bonsai.

Most trees can be cut with a steel axe for firewood, butt log and stump and certain trees incur a cost to the food bar. Juniper, mango trees and Oil Palms do not produce butt logs. Banana Trees turn into kindling when chopped down.

Tree Image Possible Resources
Bald Cypress Tree Bald Cypress Tree.jpg
Juniper Tree Juniper Tree.jpg
Lombardy Poplar Tree Lombardy Poplar Tree.jpg
Maple Tree Maple Tree.jpg
White Pine Tree White Pine Tree.jpg
Willow Tree Willow Tree.jpg
Yew Tree Yew Tree.jpg
Wild Mango Tree Wild Mango Tree.jpg
Rubber Tree Rubber Tree.jpg
Banana Tree Banana Tree.jpg
Oil Palm Oil Palm.jpg
Dead Tree Dead Tree.jpg