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A pie is a baked food which provides 4 servings. It thus ideal for efficiently storing large amounts of food or as a backpack food source for long expeditions. Pies are created using wheat, water, and a combination of one or more of the following ingredients: rabbit meat, gooseberries, carrots, and raw mutton. Different pies restore different amounts of food. Pies are useful in using up spare wheat and mutton as part of a composting setup.


Pie Crust[]

Firstly, harvest some wild or farmed ripe wheat using a sharp stone. It is important to note that wheat seeds despawn fairly quickly so take care not to harvest all nearby wheat before replanting. Take the wheat sheaf and thresh it using a straight branch or small curved branch. Remove the straw (which should be used promptly for compost, baskets or hats as it will despawn), and pick up the threshed wheat in a bowl. Use a round stone on the bowl of wheat to turn it into flour. Add a bowl of water to the bowl of flour and you will create dough, the basis of pie crusts and wheat tortillas

Using the bowl of dough on a plate will place a Raw Pie Crust. Each bowl of dough contains enough to create 4 crusts.

Tip: If you do not put dough on at least one plate to make pie crust, after 1 minute the dough will turn into leavened dough and will only be able to be made into bread.

Filling and Baking[]

Filling is added to the Raw Pie Crust to create different pies. Carrots, Raw Mutton and Bowl of Gooseberries can be added directly to the pie crust. All other bowls must be minced with a sharp stone before adding to pie crust. Note: While raw pork and mutton look similar (pork has a bone), pork cannot be made into pies.

Once you have several raw pies ready, set them close to the oven in baskets if you have some. Once you set the oven alight you will have 1 minute to bake everything, so you might want to ask a buddy for help.


Different pies restore different amounts of food. Berry Carrot Rabbit pies restore more food than the current food cap and are thus a waste of ingredients.

Since a Bowl of Gooseberries give 18 food when eaten raw, and a berry rabbit pie gives only 16 more food than rabbit pie, it is normally considered a waste of berries, except as a variety to add to your yum bonus.

All varieties of Berry Pies are problematic as berry farming requires significantly greater time, water and soil investment than carrot farming; berries are best farmed as part of a composting program. Currently, this means that the most viable and useful pies include simple Mutton or Rabbit pies (Carrot Rabbit pies can be used by those who are careful and wish to optimise). Some players may wish to take advantage of the variety of pies to maximize their yum bonus.

Note: As of Update 64 a flat-rate bonus of +2 is applied to all foods, meaning food with a baseline value of 5 will restore 7 hunger boxes in-game).

Pie Filling Baseline food
per serving
plus bonus
Total food
Cooked Carrot Pie Carrot.jpg



Cooked Berry Pie Bowl of Gooseberries.jpg
Bowl of Gooseberries



Cooked Rabbit Pie Bowl of Rabbit.jpg
Bowl of Rabbit



Cooked Mutton Pie Raw Mutton.jpg
Raw Mutton



Cooked Berry Carrot Pie Bowl of Gooseberries and Carrot.jpg
Bowl of Gooseberries
and Carrot



Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie Bowl of Rabbit and Carrot.jpg
Bowl of Rabbit
and Carrot



Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie Bowl of Gooseberries And Rabbit.jpg
Bowl of Gooseberries
And Rabbit



Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie Bowl of Gooseberries, Rabbit, and Carrot.jpg
Bowl of Gooseberries,
Rabbit, and Carrot