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Onion is a domesticated version of the Wild Onion, which can be farmed for use in cooking.


Find a Wild Onion in the Grasslands and pull it out of the ground. Plant it into a deep tilled row, then water with bowl of water or full water pouch, and after 3 minutes, the onion will bloom and Onion Seeds can be taken.

Plant the seeds into a deep tilled row, then water, and after 4 minutes, 5 ripe onions can be harvested. If all onions are harvested, the row will turn into a Hardened Row with Stake.

An onion can be replanted into a deep tilled row in order to acquire seeds as above. Note: If you don't intend to use the seeds immediately, place them into a bowl, otherwise they will decay after 5 minutes. Individual seeds can be taken out of the bowl to plant, or the bowl of seeds can be used directly on the plot.


Onion is used to make salsa.