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Each player in the game can have a first name and family name. A name can help identify your kin and other important players in civilization, will appear on your Grave, and is necessary to curse a player. An unnamed player will appear labeled by their relation to you e.g. "Your Mother", or "You". It is possible to search the name of a character in the Family Trees, which can be accessed on the game's main menu and at the top of the official OHOL website.

First name[edit | edit source]

A first name can only be given by another player. Once a baby is born, a mother or any other adult can name the child. To do so, they must pick up the baby and write the following command in the chat: "You are <NAME>" or similar phrase (accepted phrases can be seen on this list. It is also possible to name an unnamed adult by standing nearby (within about a screen's distance) and saying "You are NAME" etc. Unnamed players will still appear in the family lineage.

An Eve can not choose her first name, but can set her own family name for all future generations in her family line to have.

A full list of accepted first names is available on this list. If a player tries use a name that isn't on that list, then the server tries to find a similar name and uses that.

Family name[edit | edit source]

A family name is set by Eve by writing in the chat: "My name is <NAME>" or similar phrase (accepted phrases can be seen on this list. An Eve or any adult with a family name can pass that name onto all the children that they name. Unnamed adults, or adults without a family name will not pass on a family name.

A village will usually have only one family name common to all residents. But if a second Eve's family line is present, it is possible to pass on your family name to unrelated babies.

Full list of accepted names is available here.

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

Mousing over another character will show their relation to you, e.g. "Mother", "Brother", "Great Granddaughter".

It is possible to search the name of a character in the Family Trees, which can be accessed on the game's main menu and at the top of the official OHOL website.

Family history can also been seen in-game by mousing over a grave.[1] Relatives and graves further away than 20 generations will show "DISTANT RELATIVE". Unrelated characters will show "NOT RELATED".

History[edit | edit source]

  • v.213 - "Email-based family tree searches are no longer public (access your personal family trees from the button on the login screen or on your personal download page), so people can't spy on you anymore if they know your email."
  • v.214 - "Your family's last name is remembered, even if your mother doesn't give you a name. So later, if you name your own child, they will get that "invisible" last name passed on to them. This will make family trees more coherent, with a last name shared by every named person in the tree. No more lost family names over time."[1]
  • v.214 - "New grave-mouse-over feature, which now works for all graves, not just graves for people who died in your lifetime. Family history is now apparent directly inside the game, when you visit the family grave yard. To make this work, the server remembers everyone who ever lived, and keeps a new database of grave positions for each of those people. To prevent this from growing indefinitely, people get "forgotten" after a week, or when the server restarts, and the grave position database is flushed at server startup. But if your family has been around for a while, you will see a lot of family history on the ground."[1]
  • v.240 - "Protocol now includes lineageEveID with lineage and grave messages so that client can show DISTANT RELATIVE for relatives and graves that are further away than the 20 generation cutoff."
  • v.240 - No more tutorial players in name logs[2]
  • v.240 - If name of Eve or baby is not unique within past two hours on the server, the closest unique name is chosen instead. No more roman numeral suffixes.[2]

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