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Mouflon are animals found in the badlands that can be domesticated into sheep. They can be killed using a bow and arrow to get Dead Mouflon and then skinned (with a knife or flint chip) for mouflon hide (wearable) and butchered with a knife for four raw mutton and Mouflon bones.

Domestic Mouflon[]

If a mouflon with a lamb is hunted, the Mouflon Lamb can be led with a rope and fed with a Bowl of Gooseberries and Carrot (or Bowl of Mashed Berries and Carrot) to grow up (after 30 seconds) into a Domestic Mouflon, if not fed, it will die (after 1 minute). Soon after it grows, the Domestic Mouflon will birth a domesticated lamb, which when fed will turn into a sheep.

Unlike wild mouflon, domestic mouflon can only be killed with a knife, then can be skinned and butchered as usual.


  • Mouflon Bones will decay after 2 hours, or can be moved with a Basket.
  • Mouflon lamb cannot be leashed again after being released
  • Dead Mouflon Lamb disappears after 5 minutes.
  • Domestic Mouflon are useful to keep around in the sheep pen, as they cannot be sheared, so will continue to produce domestic lambs until killed.
  • The image of a Dead Domestic Mouflon features a wound at the neck rather than in the side like Dead Mouflon.