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Milkweed Growth.png

Milkweed is a common plant which can be farmed or found naturally occurring in the grasslands. It can be harvested for a milkweed stalk which is used to make thread and rope.


Milkweed changes its states every 20 sec. If harvested when fruiting (when it has yellow fruit), an unlimited number of milkweed seeds can be harvested until the debris decays into a stump (after 10 minutes). The seed can be planted in a Deep Tilled Row, then watered with a Bowl of Water or Full Water Pouch to get a Milkweed after 4 minutes.


  • Fruiting debris takes 10 minutes to decay into a stump while regular and flowering debris only take 1 minute to decay into a stump. So if seeds are not needed, it is better to pick the milkweed in a non-fruiting stage. A stump will decay after 1 minute.
  • Milkweed Seeds decay after 5 minutes. They can be added to a bowl to prevent decay.


  • v.20 - Milkweed and milkweed seeds added, along with milkweed farming.
  • v.207 - Milkweed seed now decays after 5 minutes, and can be stored in a bowl to prevent decay.