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Lock and Keys are used to restrict access to containers and rooms. A Key can be used to unlock locks, provided it is of the same type as the lock used. The type of key can be seen as a letter e.g. "Key - A" or "Key - B".


Changing Letters[]

When a key is in the lock you can hit it with a hammer to return it to a lock blank and then re file it into another letter.

Locking Items[]

Locked Wooden DoorLocked Wooden Chest

Using Lock and Key on either Wooden Door, Wooden Chest, or Signs will place the lock and return the Key. That object can then be unlocked using a key of the same type as the lock used. Closing a door or chest with a lock will automatically lock it. So try not to get locked in a room without a key, or lock the key in the chest which it unlocks.

Removing Locks[]

Lock Removal Key $10.jpg

Using a Steel File on a Key will create Lock Removal Key. Which can be used to remove a lock of the same type as the key, returning the Lock and Key.

Note: Removing a lock from a sign is the same as unlocking it, and does not need a lock removal key.

Duplicating Keys[]

Steel Blade Blank with KeyDuplicate Keys

Combine a Key with a Steel Blade Blank and use a File to get Duplicate Keys. You will be left with two identical keys of the same type as the original key.

Duplicating Locks[]

Duplicate Lock and Key $10.jpg

Combine a Key with a Lock Blank to get Duplicate Lock and Key. Using a Steel File will create Lock and Key $10 of the same type (A, B, etc) as the key.


  • Added in v.79
  • The raw object name of lock and keys, as seen in the update log and on onetech include a "$10". E.g. "Lock and Key $10" is the raw object name given for a lock and key that has been assigned a letter (the $10 is the placeholder for the letter).
  • Prior to v.162, it was possible to obtain a Key which was labeled with a question mark. This occurred after a server reset, when all keys and locks got set to "Key - ?". It could also be duplicated.

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