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Letters are used to write on signs, or to create Marked Graves. The basis of all letters is Letter Stock. There are no spaces, but hyphens can be used to separate words.

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Letter Stock[edit | edit source]

Letter Stock.jpg

Letter Stock is made by using a flint chip or knife on a skewer. It can then be used in various combinations to make all letters of the alphabet, as given in the recipes below.

Bendy Letter Stock[edit | edit source]

Bendy Letter Stock is made by using letter stock on simmering water. When used on a clay bowl, it creates the letter U.

Marking Graves[edit | edit source]

Mother Template Grave with Chisel.jpgMarked Grave (Mother).jpg

Marking a grave is done by adding the associated Letter to a blank Marked Grave (A Grave with a Flat Rock). You then use a chisel and mallet to engrave the relation type on to the stone. The associated letters are:

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Letter Image No.
Letter Stock
A Letter A.jpg 2 Combine Letter V and Hyphen
B Letter B.jpg 2 (+ 2 Thread) Combine two Letter O
C Letter C.jpg 1 Use Letter U on a clay bowl
D Letter D.jpg 2 Combine Letter C and Letter I
E Letter E.jpg 4 Combine Letter F with Hyphen
F Letter F.jpg 3 Combine Letter T with Hyphen
G Letter G.jpg 2 Combine Letter C with Hyphen
H Letter H.jpg 2 Use flint chip or knife on Letter A
I Letter I.jpg 1 Use a Flint Chip or knife on letter stock
J Letter J.jpg 1 Use flint chip or knife on Letter U
K Letter K.jpg 2 Combine V and I
L Letter L.jpg 2 Combine Letter I and Hyphen
M Letter M.jpg 3 Combine N and I
N Letter N.jpg 2 Use a Flint chip or knife on Letter W
O Letter O.jpg 1 Then add thread to Letter C
P Letter P.jpg 2 (+ thread) Combine O and I
Q Letter Q.jpg 2 (+ thread) Combine Letter O and Hyphen
R Letter R.jpg 3 (+ thread) Combine Hyphen and Letter P
S Letter S.jpg 2 Combine two Letter C
SS Double S.jpg 4 Combine two Letter S
T Letter T.jpg 2 Combine two Letter I
U Letter U.jpg 1 Use letter stock on Simmering Water to get Bendy Letter Stock. Use the bendy stock on a clay bowl
V Letter V.jpg 1 Use a Sharp Stone on letter stock
W Letter W.jpg 2 Combine two Letter V
X Letter X.jpg 2 Use sharp stone on Letter K
Y Letter Y.jpg 2 Use flint chip or knife on Letter X
Z Letter Z.jpg 3 Combine Hyphen and Letter L
- (Hyphen) Hyphen.jpg 1 Use a Flint chip or knife on Letter I