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A knife is a tool made by combining a short shaft with a steel blade. A knife can be used for killing and butchering animals, cooking, baking bread, crafting Charcoal Pencil, giving medical treatment, killing other players, and as an ingredient in The Apocalypse. Knives can also be used in many other cases where a Flint Chip or Sharp Stone is used. However it can only be used after age 8.

Sterilized Knife[]

Sterilized Knife

A knife can be sterilized for medical treatment by placing it into any fire, firing oven, kiln or forge. A knife will remain sterile for 30 seconds or until placing on the ground. A sterilized knife can be distinguished from a regular knife by its black tip.

Antivenom Knife[]

Antivenom Knife

Antivenom Knife is a step in Medical Treatment of a Snake Bite.

To obtain, use a Riding Horse on a Rattle Snake to get Snake-Bit Riding Horse. Then use a knife on the dead horse to get Snake-Bit Horse with Blood Leak. Use a Clay Bowl to get Bowl of Antivenom Blood. Finally, use a Sterilized Knife to get antivenom knife. Placing an antivenom knife on the ground will cause it to revert back to a knife. The dead horse will disappear after 10 minutes.

Butter Knife[]

Butter Knife

Butter Knife is a step in cooking made by putting a knife into a bowl of butter. It can be added back into bowl of butter or used on a bread slice on clay plate to make buttered bread on clay plate.

Bloody Knife[]

Bloody Knife.jpg

A Bloody Knife occurs when a player stabs another character with a knife. The attacker can not use the bloody knife, or throw it to the ground, and their movement speed is slowed (to 25% walking speed) until the knife becomes ordinary after 1 minute. A bloody knife that has been dropped (due to the death of an attacker) cannot be picked up. After one minute, the bloody knife will return to normal. A Bloody Knife is an ingredient in The Apocalypse.

The stabbed player will get a Knife Wound which if not treated promptly (with Sterile Wool Pad and Needle and Thread) results in death.


  • A bloody knife can be used as proof against the culprit.
  • The slowing effect also acts as a handicap, preventing chain murders and giving onlookers a chance to retaliate.
  • If you are not careful you can starve while holding a bloody knife.
  • See also: Yew Bow(just murdered)


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