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Kindling is a material used to start fires, and provide fuel for Adobe Oven and Adobe Kiln.



Kindling can be made from various types of branches, wood or dead plants by using a Stone Hatchet, Steel Axe or Shovel on it.

These objects can be cut with an axe or hatchet to create kindling:

These objects can be dug with a shovel to get kindling:


  • An efficient way to collect kindling is to assemble Pump Beam Kits, or Four Wing Struts. These can be disassembled later at camp, and the parts can be made into kindling.
  • Using a Hand Cart or Horse-Drawn Cart will maximize the amount of kindling you can carry in one trip.
  • It is preferable to use branches for kindling rather than firewood, as trees will regenerate branches over time.