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A Iron Vein is a Resource item. Before anyone has touched anything, Muddy Iron Veins are the only sources of iron on the whole map. Iron Ore can be extracted from it in several stages.[1] Iron is unlimited if you have kerosene.[2]

Beware that veins can only be found once per family with your first well location. However, there are several abandoned veins at second and third level around the map. Many families probably don't use all the iron they get from the map. The muddy iron veins are placed in the same 40x40 grid of springs. In total, it's thought that there are maximum 8 veins to access with your well. "Jason did a survey on the map and average per well is 3 veins per natural spring. There are places with zero. If you happen to make your well site at a spring with zero and didn´t check, you can still make a well site somewhere else for a second time only limited offer and still get iron from there."[2]

Stage 1[]

Starting out as an Eve without any metal tools, you can do the following to extract some iron ore by hand.

NB! "Whenever you loosen up your muddy veins by collecting your 10 stones in at your well site, go east and west before making the well and take the four iron from each by hand. If you don´t, you will lose those loose four iron because the mine will turn into an iron vein once the well is made, giving you four more 4 loose iron each. Check for clarification."[2]

Step 1 Travel vertically until you discover a faint, horizontal, jagged line. Follow the line until you come across a muddy iron vein and a natural spring. (Make sure it is not a Dry Spring.) Check that the two are connected by the horizontal line, with the iron vein being to the east of the natural spring, and without being interrupted by too many biome changes.
Step 2 Collect 10 round stones and place on the spring, to create a Well Site. Then use a final stone to create a Ready Well Site.
Step 3 Once you have created a Ready Well Site, you may now pick up iron from the ore vein with your hands.
Step 4 The vein will yield 4 Iron Ores, before turning into a Stripped Muddy Iron Vein.

Stage 2[]

To extract more ore from your now Stripped Muddy Iron Vein, you need to further develop your well.

Step 1 Use a shovel on the Ready Well Site to create a Shallow Well.
Step 2 The ore vein should now have turned into an Iron Vein.
Step 3 It will yield 4 iron ores, before becoming a Stripped Iron Vein. The iron can still be picked up by hand.

Stage 3[]

To extract more ore from this point on, you'll need tools.

Step 1 Use a pickaxe on the Stripped Iron Vein to create a Shallow Iron Pit.
Step 2 Hit the pit with the pickaxe to yield 1 Iron Ore per hit.
Step 3 After yielding a total of 10 ores, the pit will turn into a Deep Iron Pit.

Stage 4[]

Step 1 Use a Stanchion Kit on the pit to create an Iron Mine.
Step 2 Use a pickaxe to yield 1 ore per hit.
Step 3 It will yield a total of 10 Iron Ores before turning into a Collapsed Iron Mine.

Stage 5[]

The final stage functions as a looping cycle.

Step 1 Use a Diesel Engine on the pit to create a diesel-run mining pick.
Step 2 Apply a Steel Chisel, which will become the mining pick's "bit".
Step 3 Fuel the engine with a Tank of Kerosene
Step 4 The machine will now run until it has extracted 6 pieces of Iron Ore
Step 5 After collecting the iron, return to step 1 to extract more iron

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