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Wild Horse

Horses are animals which spawn wild in the desert biome, often roaming into other areas. They run away when approached and are very quick. They can be tamed in order to provide fast transport (200% walking speed), and storage. They can also be used to craft Bowl of Antivenom Blood and Oddity. Horses can be hitched to fences, and will escape (and roam the area) if left unhitched for more than seven seconds.

Riding a horse will make the player immune to all animal attacks except for Rattle Snakes. But does not make the player immune to player-held weapons.

Riding Horse[edit | edit source]

A Wild Horse can be captured using a lasso (Dropping the lasso frees the horse, and returns the lasso). Once lassoed, a horse will follow the player and can be hitched to a fence. A Hitched Wild Horse can be tamed by feeding a carrot or wild carrot. Placing a saddle on the tamed horse will then allow a player to ride the horse.

Snake-Bit[edit | edit source]

Encountering a Rattle Snake while on a riding horse (without cart) will kill the horse. Cutting the snake-bit horse with a knife will create a blood leak from which unlimited antivenom can be collected in clay bowls. The dead horse will decay after 10 minutes. Note: If you don't need antivenom, it is safer to have a horse-drawn cart, as encountering a snake will not kill it.

Horse-Drawn Cart[edit | edit source]

Adding a hand cart to a Hitched Riding Horse will create a Horse-Drawn Cart. It can hold items like a hand cart can and travels faster than players. Note: You cannot add a Hand Cart with Tires to a riding horse.

Tipped Cart[edit | edit source]

When riding a horse-draw cart, if you run into a rattle snake the cart will tip over, dropping all its items and will not be able to move. It can be righted with a rope (which is consumed).

Crowned Horse[edit | edit source]

A Carrot Crown can be added to a Hitched Wild Horse. Adding to a Full Monolith crafts Oddity

Info[edit | edit source]

Multiple Wild Horses trapped in small biomes within a town
  • All forms of Horses will remain in the biome they are left in. This is useful for containing them.
  • Wild, and escaped Horses will flee the player
  • A Hitched Tame Horse cannot be led away from the fence it is hitched to, until it is equipped with a Saddle.

History[edit | edit source]

  • v.71 - Horses, Riding Horses and Horse-Drawn Cart added.
  • v.73 - Crowned Horse added as ingredient in Oddity (formerly The Apocalypse)
  • v.106 - Horse-Drawn Cart can be tipped by Rattle Snake, and Riding Horse can be bitten.
  • v.113 - Snake-bitten horse can be used to make medicine.
  • v.213 - "Basket horse cart right-click bug has been fixed for real client-side."