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Grizzly Bears are animals which can be found in their bear caves in the Badlands. They can travel far from their den and will follow their prey. They need to be shot with a Bow and Arrow 3 times to be killed.

Bear Cave[]

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Bear Caves spawn in the badlands and are the home of Grizzly Bears. Poking a cave two times will 'awaken' the resident bear, which will emerge from it's cave and chase any nearby players. An empty cave will regenerate a bear after 24 hours. If a bear is physically blocked from exiting the cave, it will reenter the cave.

Hunting Bears[]

A bear requires 3 arrows before it dies. Running into a bear will result in a bite wound, which if not treated promptly (with Sterile Wool Pad and Needle and Thread), will result in death.

When a bear comes out of its cave, it will be in a "Hungry" state. A bear in this state will chase the player. You can change its state to "Fed" by leaving raw mutton on the ground, and the bear will eat it. In the fed state, a bear will move randomly, but is still deadly, and will return to the chase state if shot, or if it attacks a player.

Due to the way animals move, you cannot be harmed by hostile animals if you are standing on a tile that has an item occupying it. They will still chase you, but they will be unable to harm you unless you are standing on bare ground. Riding a Horse will also make you immune.

Once you kill a bear, the 3 arrows can be removed, and the bear can be skinning using a Flint Chip or knife. After the Bear Skin is taken, the corpse (which cannot be moved) will decay after 1 hour. An unskinned bear corpse will decay after 2 hours. A bear corpse still containing arrows will not decay.


  • It is possible to "poke" a bear cave from above and from below the cave.
  • A Bear will only exit its cave southward. If the way is blocked, it will re-enter the cave.
  • A Bear Cave can be blocked with a single impassable structure if placed on the tile directly in front and center of the cave. A quick, low-tech solution might use a Snowman Foundation or Adobe Oven Base. While using a structure which cannot be removed such as an Ancient Stone Wall provides a permanent solution but requires a bit more time.
  • Alternatively, although temporary, filling the 6 tiles in a straight line down from the bear cave with any items will prevent the Bear from exiting.
  • A Bear will initially move two spaces to exit its cave, unless that tile is blocked.
  • A Bear will not seek out Raw Mutton to eat, but placing a mutton on the tile to which a bear will move will cause the bear to feed.
  • A Fed Grizzly bear will move 30 times then become immobile (likely due to a missing transition) until walked on, or shot.

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